Friday, August 26, 2011

New Blog

Had a lot of fun going through our vacation pics and posting them last night while Mike had "Bro Night"...and I'm still not done! But I have exceeded my photo limit on blogger (I might have a problem!...I know I'm camera crazy!), but this is the easiest way for me to scrapbook for our kids for their baby and prek I hope I can keep it up until they go to school...has anyone else had this happen? Blogger is asking for me to buy more the current free-ness on here...hmmm...might be a bit before I am back...we shall see! :)

***I set up a new blog here***
using another email address bc of the space and $ thing...good to know the $5 does buy you a lot of space though...wasn't sure bc of how camera crazy I am if the $5 would get me very now 18 posts later we have a new blog!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


The Lumberjacks take a break...and I take over... :)

Pepere and Mike took down some trees at Pepere's...

The kids and I hung out and watched a movie while the trees were falling....

Then they found a caterpillar they named Pascal and they enjoyed playing with him...

And acting out Smurfs around his yard...

The Grumpster

This guy was a little sleep deprived on to skip naps and stay up late and woke up earlier than when he is at home...and boy can he be GRUMPY...but going in to wake him up from naptime and seeing him sleeping...MELTS MY HEART EVERY TIME! I love my little guy!!! :)

Sleeping Beauty

Grandma took Mal and I to see Sleeping Beauty...we had some time to walk around where the theater was before the show...(more pics to come from G's camera)

Thanks for taking us out to the show! M wants to act it out all the time now! :)

Leavin' on a Jet Plane!

Mike and Carter took MiMi to Boston to fly home on was so fun having MiMi up north with Mike's family! So glad she got to see all the places we talk about in RI and Maine! :)


MiMi's last day and it was pouring buckets! We planned on going to Newport and we went anyway! We def. made some memories as we ate our picnic lunch in the van on a street in Newport...we were disappointed not to be able to walk on the Cliff Walk...but it was fun to drive around and look at the amazing houses....To finish our outing and to make it a totally Newport-y day we stopped for some ice cream at the Newport Creamery! De-lish!

RI Beaches

We lucked out with great weather for the reunion...the next day we took MiMi to see the different beaches and it was another rainy day...but we ventured out anyway!

Put our toes in the water...

Mal enjoyed her "office"...just cracked me up to look back there and see her hard at work!

We went out for clam cakes and chowder near where K and N got married...

We had fun...

The tour guide finished the day with a trip to Del's!

Then back to G&Gs for playtime and dinner time!